What you need to know : For Headshots

Hi! Thanks for booking with me. This page will tell you everything you need to know about your photo shoot.

Headshot Services Include
-1-1.5 hour photo session. (Or studio shoot)
-Online Gallery Of your Images for you to pick your favorites.
-Up to eight edited images (of your choice) on a USB drive.

About the session
The outdoor headshot session is around 60 minutes long depending on what services you need.
Please bring different options of clothing! I aim to do around 2 different looks
so please bring lots of clothes so we can choose what ones to use for the shoot.
If you need help trying to figure out what to bring, think about the roles you would like to audition for or would be ‘typecasted’ as. If you are interested in doing commercials think, classic, bright or plain colored shirts/sweaters. Khaki’s or jeans go very well with the commercial aesthetic. If you are looking for film- think of different typecasts: business lawyer, girl/boy next door, , gangsta…aka wear a leather jacket!
What not to wear:
**Do not bring clothing items that have any visible logo’s on it.  Also, busy patterns can be distracting in a picture and can take the focus instead of you.

*If you are needing corporate headshots bring suit sets, dress pants, pencil skirts, different coloured blazers.

I do have a certified Makeup Artist, who graduated from John Casablancas,
that is willing to do makeup for your headshot shoot. There is an additional 55.00 charge if you wish to have your makeup done with her.
If you choose not to go with our makeup artist
PLEASE apply your own makeup! Remember! You want to look natural!
The main thing here is that you look like you! So please don’t show up looking like this:

Whatever amount of makeup you wear for your shoot, you will most likely need to wear at an audition or to a casting call. The goal
is for your photo to look like you when you walk into a room with a casting director.
Cover-up is a must! (It helps me minimize the editing I need to do on my end). Try to get the right tone for your skin. Sometimes a colour may seem like the right one at the time until you get home and notice it is the wrong one- too light or too dark.
Do some experimenting well ahead of time so that you are ready to go for the shoot.
Even if you are a guy you can wear cover-up to clear up blemishes and even out your skin tone. That doesn’t
mean you’ll need it at an audition, but it is much easier to edit blemishes out of a picture when there is
cover up on! And again, It will also even out your skin tone.

Online Gallery
Your pictures will be uploaded to a password protected online gallery for viewing your pictures. I will pick 8-10 of the best photos and upload them in the gallery for you to choose one(s) you would like on a USB drive.
Your pictures should be uploaded within around 48hours after the shoot.
**Note: Your pictures will be in the gallery for 1 year only, they will be deleted after the year of your photo shoot date unless otherwise specified with me.

Sample  of Online Gallery :
Click on image thumbnail and a larger image will come up.
You can then click on the arrow to load the next image once in you are in your gallery.


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